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Welcome to Silver Sofa Surfers.

This is NEW! You've probably heard of sofa surfing (aka couch surfing) and know that it is very popular amongst the young. Silver Sofa Surfing is designed for an older audience: those of us who are over fifty and who require a little more comfort than a battered sofa in a student abode.

A sofa bed wouldn't be out of the question, but it needs to be in good order with clean bed linen and in a room with a door that closes properly. 

There are many of us who want to travel more than we can afford, and many of us have a spare room or two because our children have departed at least as far as university. Yet, to take complete strangers into our homes is too great a risk, and to stay in the home of a stranger is risky too. With a bit of luck, Silver Sofa Surfers will solve the problem of risk for both hosts and guests. 

How is it going to work? It will be a club. No one will be able to join without being verified first. We will require documentary evidence of identity and residence, along with two referees. We will do checks on members, though we will of course do this by appointment. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE UNTIL AUGUST. Thereafter there will be an annual fee of £30 per property. No charge at all will be made for accommodation and it is expected that a simple breakfast will be provided for guests, along with a cup of tea or coffee on arrival. Every member must guarantee to provide accommodation to other club members from time to time. 

Every member will need to provide clean secure accommodation to include bedroom and use of bathroom. A sitting room with a sofa bed is fine on condition that this is for the exclusive use of the guests while they are in residence. Wardrobe space is not essential so the room of a son or daughter away at university is fine.

Each member will receive a list of accommodation by email. No personal details or addresses will be published excepting the name of the village or town and the first name of the host. Every member will be given an @silversofasurfers email address which will forward emails to the member's own email address. In short, your personal email address will never be distributed. 

When you want to go away, you can contact members of Silver Sofa Surfers directly from the list by email. 

What do I do now? Please contact me for more information:   I'm waiting to hear from you ... and very much looking forward to it. All best, Helen. 


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